About Carbine Club of New Zealand

The Carbine Club of NZ is one of 16 such Clubs established throughout Australia (one in each State), Hong Kong, London, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, South Africa, Vanuatu and Tokyo.

The Carbine Club of NZ was established in 1971 and is restricted to just 40 ordinary members with two additional categories for Senior and Honorary members.

Membership is by invitation and seeks to recognise those who share the common Interests of friendship and sporting involvement
Our “raison d’etre” is simply:

To celebrate sporting excellence – which we do through 3-4 activities each year, and
To raise money, to support athletes with disability.

The Carbine Club of NZ seeks to achieve this second objective through its “Sir Denis Blundell Charitable Trust’, and related activities.
The Trust has a capital fund and the interest generated by it, supplemented by specific fund raising activities enables us to give financial support to such organisations as, Paralympics NZ, and Parafed Auckland.

Our major fund raising project is the Carbine Club ‘Annual Golf Tournament’ held in March. Through the generous support of sponsors, the teams and players on the day, we seek to raise sufficient money to make the grants that these organisations so desperately need to achieve their own objectives.

We would welcome your involvement and would be happy to discuss how best you might contribute to this most worthwhile project.

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