The Carbine Club of New Zealand was formed in 1971 – as a direct result of prominent Auckland sporting and racing personalities attending functions at the inaugural Carbine Club in Melbourne.

The three key New Zealand instigators, Dave Bradford; Bob Wynyard; and Arthur Hughes, had strong support from Dr Alex McGregor-Grant, who was already an honorary member of the Melbourne Club.

The preliminary meeting of the three founders was held at Auckland’s Intercontinental Hotel on March 12, 1971 and a follow-up meeting was held at Logan Park Motor Hotel on Friday, May 28.

The club’s foundation members, elected at that second meeting
Arthur Hughes (thoroughbred racing and rugby)



Alex McGregor-Grant (racing)

Allan Brown (Racing Editor, New Zealand Herald)

Aubin Heard (golf)

Bill Mackie (racing)

Bob Wynyard (golf/racing)

Dave Bradford (racing)

Gordon Dryden (rugby league and TV commentator)

John Sparling (test cricket)

John Flett (bowls)

Jeff Robson (tennis)

Jim Davern (yachting)

Ken Armstrong (international soccer)

Merv Corner (rugby/harness racing)

Murray Halberg (Olympic track gold medalist)

Noel Holmes (newspaper columnist)

Peter Snell (Olympic track gold medalist and world record holder)

Reg Clapp (trotting commentator)

Sir William Stevenson (racing)

Wilson Whineray (former All Black captain)

Officers elected

They elected a steering committee of Messrs Hughes, Bradford, Dryden, Corner and Mackie, with Bob Wynyard as secretary.

With approval from the parent club, the official inaugural meeting to form the club was held in the Boardroom of the Auckland Racing Club Inc, 97 Shortland Street, Auckland, at 5 p.m. on July 19, 1971.

Patron: The Governor-General of New Zealand; Porritt, Sir Arthur
President: Hughes, Arthur .
Vice President: Corner, Merv
Hon. Secretary: Wynyard, Bob
Hon. Treasurer: Mackie,  Bill
Committee: Bradford, Dave; Dryden, Gordon
Hon. Solicitor: Sparling, John

Additional foundation members
Brian Pickworth (fencing)



Geoff Thompson (surf life saving)

Geoff Vivian (cricket)

Henry Cooper (hockey)

Jim Fletcher (hunting)

Jack Redwood (tennis and rugby league)

John Wigglesworth (water skiing)

Rolf Porter (tennis)

Sir Woolf Fisher (racing and polo)

Members as at September 1977
AVD Flett

AS Brown

A Richards

AM Hughes

AL Lydiard

BA Pickworth

C Trillo

C Herbert

DG Bradford

DD Rowlands

DJ Ewert

GA Wooller

GB Nelson

G Thompson

GWJ Dryden

HL Morrison

HG Vivian

JT Sparling

JC Wiggleworth

J Walker

JV Davern

JdeV McManemin

JE Robson

JJ Sullivan (died 1978)

JNS Flett

K. Armstrong

LA Heard

MN Corner

MG Halberg

NW Holmes

PJ Snell

RC Clapp

RM Don

RHC Wynyard

Sir Denis Blundell

T Pountney

TW Madgwick

WH Cooper

WW Harvey

WN Mackie

WJ Sandman

WJ Whineray

Carbine Club at a glance since 1976




1976 – First statue of Carbine to be presented to winner of Carbine Club Stakes at Ellerslie in March 1976

1979 – Bert Sutcliffe (international cricketer d.2002), John Christie(president GP assn, VP of swimming & athletics organisations), Ron McGregor (rugby league international), John Blackwell (publisher, Moa Publications, sport & rugby publications) admitted as members

1987 – New members elected subsequently -John Hayes, Glyn Jenkins

1988 – Malcolm Dick, John Ede

1989 – Denis Harding, Brig. Ian Burrows admitted as members.

1989 – Noel McMahon became honorary member alongside Murray Halberg.

1991 –  Terry Jarvis, Harry Dods, Terry Maddaford, Les Mills

1992 – Peter Montgomery, Alan Richards, Peter Leitch

1993 – Geoff Sinclair, John Davies, Rodney Walshe, David Appleby, Ian Smith, John Hart

1994 – SGM – Maurie Rendle, Anthony Mosse, Grant Dalton, Bruce Cameron, Gary Paykel, Roy Williams, Graham Davy, Gerry Rea, Allan Jones, John Wells

1997 – David Lloyd

1998 – John Sibun, Anthony Timpson

1999 – John Davey, Tony Ebert, Ari Hallenberg, G Watt, M Watson

2000 – Cam McRae, Bruce Goldsworthy, Andrew Faith

2000 – Nov – Dame Susan Devoy, Linda Jones, Vicky Latta, Colleen Mills, Susie Simcock, Richard Blundell, Barry Holland

2002 – David Hunter

2003 – Denis Black

2004 – AGM – Mike Stanley

2005 – AGM – Grant Fox, Anna Lawrence, Murray McKinnon

2006 – AGM – Barry Neville-White

2008 – AGM – John Cornaga, Cameron McGregor, Catriona Williams

2009 – AGM – Barry Colman, Richard Fry

2011 – AGM – Colin Devine, Barry Paterson, Ralph Roberts, James Brownlie, Brian Turner

2011 – SGM Nov – Phil Gifford, Peter Jeffares

2012 – AGM – Peter Walker

2013 – AGM – Sir Patrick Hogan, David Ellis, Kerry Clark, Cameron Taylor

2014 – AGM – Adrienne Greenwood, Buster Allardice, Russell Warwick, Ken Rutherford, Miles Davis

2015 – Paul David QC, Peter Johnston JP, Dame Wendy Pye DNZM, MBE; Martin Snedden CNZM

2016 – Don Cotter, Terry Iggo

2017 – SGM (March) – Gary Langsford; Tim Johnson, MNZM;  AGM – Graeme Little, SC;  Aidin Dennis.

2018 – SGM (October) – David Abercrombie, Fiona Allan ONZM, Cameron George, Bho Patel, Kereyn Smith MNZM, Michael Stowers.